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Alexa Flash Briefing

With many popular broadcasts to choose from,  Alexa Flash Briefing has made it easy to listen to pre-recorded newscast. 

Broadcasts such as BBC News, NPR, and the Economist.  Also  the latest news from AccuWeather with complete weather information. 

Plus the Associated Press. Let’s take the necessary steps to get all this set up correctly..

Note: What we ultimately want is for the correct card to show up in your app.  And this will happen after you request your Flash Briefing.  This card will contain all the links you need to have access to full stories for your reading enjoyment.

Lets Get Alexa Flash Briefing All Set Up

We need to set up your Flash Briefing settings first!

1. Select settings from the left navigation panel within your Alexa App

2. Choose Flash Briefing

3. To customize your weather updates, news, and shows use the switches

Flash Briefing In Action!

No Need For Anybody Else To Know What Flash Briefings You Are Listening To…

That’s right… With Alexa you can have your own account, no need to share it with anybody. That goes for family members too though, they also get their own account.

Whoever wants to listen to their flash briefing all they have to do is tell Alexa to connect to their account.

Make sure to first know your account if not you can ask Alexa Who am I?

Want Some New Briefings?

As Amazon is adding more, and more flash briefings regularly, you might want to take a gander to see if there are any new ones that suits your fancy.

The best way to find new briefings is to visit Amazon’s section in your app which is entitled “Flash Briefing”. 

Again you will find that in the place where your Flash Briefings are within your app. There you can for more briefing skills.