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Amazon Echo App

The best thing about the Amazon Echo App is it is free, but you do need your Echo App to utilize all the Great Features that the Amazon Echo offers you.

You can look at the Amazons Echo App as Alexa’s best friend. They never go anywhere without each other. In fact neither of them do very well without one another.

Alexa needs this precious app just to get everything set up properly. Once they are fully embraced they can do amazing things together.

Without each other you won’t have enhanced features, nor will you have remote control over your devices.

If you separate these two it will cause much discontent, and you can forget about enjoying your favorite music, or knowing what the weather will be like.

You won’t even be able to create Grocery Lists anymore. Lets just keep them together shall we?

The Amazon Echo App Is Amazing!

Amazon Echo App

All of this is compatible with mobile devices that support Fire OS 2.0, Android 4.0 and iOS 7.0 or higher.
If you would like to have this app on your computer you can go to to download it.

If you would like to download this app from your app store within your mobile device. Just go to either Amazon Appstore, Google Play, or Apple App Store and do a proper search.

You might want to check for updates from time to time. To do this go into your app store and do a search for the app, and you should see an update button. Tap on that, and it will check to see if there are any available updates. Or it will tell you that you have the latest version installed.

Note: Some settings will only be accessible through the App. Most actions can be completed by speaking to Alexa though.

Home Screen:
This will show you the history of all your activity with Alexa.  On the home screen you will also see a description of your requests which will be on what is called “Cards”.  Your home screen will also show  you such features as:

–  A description of your most recent requests

–  The ability to search for the same type of content

–  Web links containing more information

–  Give feedback about your recent interaction

–  The ability to remove cards

Basic Actions And Navigations

View A History Of Your Actions And Get Detailed Information On Your Inquiries:

Select Home from the left navigation panel.  Yes that’s all you need to do.

To Search Your Libraries And Listen To Programs, Music, Stations, and Audiobooks:

Choose an audio service from the left navigation panel to search for content.

From the left side navigation you can select a audio service to search for content.

If you want to see what song, station or album is playing or to see what is in the queue, select Now Playing.

Note: This is also covered within Listen To Your Audiobooks.

Here’s To Your Settings:

To Get To Your Settings, Start From Your Left Navigation Panel, And Choose Your Alexa Device.

Amazon Echo App Settings Logo

Here Is A List Of Settings And What They Do:

Connect to your WiFi 

You can check your updates or connect to a WiFi network from here

Pairing Up Your Bluetooth:

This is where you can set your options for pairing up your device

Pairing Up Your Echo Remote:

To learn more about how to do this go here and scroll down to the very bottom of the page…

Give Your Device A Name:

Would you like to give your Alexa device a name? This setting will allow you to set up multiple devices for your office or home.  Just enter a name in the Name Field and save changes.

Give Your Device A Location:

This setting is useful in setting up your devices for Weather, Current Time, News, and Places near your location.  In the address field just add the needed address information.

Wake Word:

This setting will allow you to set up your Wake Word.  For some devices, the wake word is how you implement Alexa’s voice requests.

Send Stuff To Your Fire Tablet With Voice Cast:

In this setting you can turn on Voice Cast which will send content from your Amazon Echo
to your Fire Tablet.  Make sure to register this in your Amazon Account.

Manage Your Sounds

This setting will give you the freedom to manage sounds within your Alexa device.

Purchase Songs By Voice

First open your Alexa App:

From your navigational panel select Settings then Voice Purchasing

Purchasing By Voice:

To make a purchase by voice you will want to turn that switch on in your settings

Set Up A Security Code:

Before you can make a purchase Alexa will ask your for a 4 digit security code. Enter a four digit code then click tap save changes.

Managing Your 1 Click Settings:

You will want to go to Amazon to set up your 1 Click payment and billing information.

Getting Your Whole Family Involved…

Letting The Whole Family In On The Experience

When you add additional family members everybody is able to share music, audiobooks content purchases, plus manage shared features like grocery lists, to do lists etc…

Note: If you choose to set up a family member with shared purchases remember that you are giving them authorization to use your credit cards. 

In this case you would need to also share the 4 digit code with that family member in order for them to make purchases.

Learn How To Add and Remove Family Members:

Add A Family Member:

1. Each family member you wish to add needs to be present

2. Go to settings from your left navigation panel

3. Choose Household Profiles

4. Instructions will come up for the family member you are signing up.

Remove A Family Member:

Caution:  If you decide to remove a family member from a Household account, you will not be able to re-add them for 180 days. 

If you accidentally remove a family member, you will need to contact customer support.  

1. Within your navigation panel select settings

2. Tap on Account then choose Manage Your Amazon Household

3. Tap on Remove next to the person you want to remove

4. Then tap on Remove From Household

Switch Accounts Between Users:

When you set up a Household, you can switch between accounts on a Alexa device.

1. Speak “Switch Accounts”

2. Now lets use the drop down menu to switch between user content libraries.

Tip: Not sure what account you are looking at?  Just ask Alexa “Which account is this”?

Training Alexa To Say what You Want Her To Say

When setting up a Voice Training make sure to speak each phrases 25 times to your Alexa device. 

Every phrase you say your device will process.  Follow these instructions.

Amazon Echo App

1. Speak to Alexa as you would anyone else (naturally)

2. When you are speaking to Alexa, make sure to stand or sit at the same distance every time.

3. Do not use your voice remote when you are voice training

Training Alexa

1.  Access your Alexa app

2.  Navigate to your Alexa panel and choose Voice Training

3.  Tap on Start

4.  Say whatever phrase you would like Alexa to remember

5.  If you would like Alexa to repeat the phrase then tab Pause then Repeat Phrase

6.  When you are done with the Voice Training then tap on Go To Home Page

7.  If you would like to end your session before you are done, then tap on Pause and End Session

Your Alexa Dialog History

This gives you the option to hear the iterations you have had with Alexa.  If you wish to delete certain recordings or delete them all you can do that as well.

Word Of Caution:

If you are going to remove recordings from Alexa, you want to be careful. If you do this you can diminish Alexa’s accuracy.

Alexa needs these recordings to get to know you. If you do not like how things are going, I recommend just deleting all of the recordings.

In my opinion you would be better off if you started fresh with the Alexa.

If you delete specific recordings  you may end up confusing Alexa, and her responses will become undesirable.

Your Dialog History

Amazon Echo App
1. Open Your Alexa App

2. Tap Settings from the navigation panel

3. Choose History

4. Pick an interaction

5. Tap play to play your dialog

Delete Your Dialogs

1. Navigate to Manage Your Content And Devices, choose Your Devices tab.

2. You will see a list of devices.  Select Alexa

3. Next choose Device Actions drop down menu. Tap Manage Voice Recordings

4. Next we are going to select Delete.


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