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Amazon Echo Music

Are you wanting to implement some Amazon Echo Music?  If you like a song or a particular album you can simply ask Alexa to purchase the song or album for you. 

When you purchase a song or an album this will use your 1-Click payment and will come from Amazon’s Digital Music Store. 

You can also add to your library.  Doing this will not cost you anything.

When you purchase music from the Digital Music Store, you will be able to locate it in your music library.  This also does not count towards the storage limit. 

You may also download these files to any device that supports Amazon Music.

Here Is A Tip:  If you want to make a purchase you will want to make sure to enable your confirmation code. 

You can also disable purchasing if you don’t want any surprise purchases being done. 

All you need to do is open the left navigation panel and select Settings – Voice purchasing to change these options.

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