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Amazon Echo Troubleshooting

Amazon Echo Troubleshooting

With pretty much all devices there is going to be a need for troubleshooting.  Your Amazon Echo can run into issues too!

When that happens you will need some Amazon Echo Troubleshooting tips to get you going again!  We will be going over issues like why the

having issues with connecting to your home device, and resetting your amazon echo to a clean state. 

Let’s get started!

My Amazon Echo Isn’t Understanding Me 

When you are speaking, be sure there is not any background noise When conversing with Alexa speak clearly and slowly Have you finished all the Voice Training’s with Alexa?  If not go ahead and do so…

Did Alexa Play The Wrong Song?

Check Alexa’s Dialog History To make sure Alexa heard you correctly.  It could be that the song you requested is not in the Music Library

Another reason could be that this song is not available for Prime Music

Is The Amazon Echo Having Trouble Answering Your Questions?

Try again.  Alexa might not have heard you the first time.  You can also try to say it a different way so Alexa will understand better.

This could also be happening because the Amazon Echo does not know all the answers to every question. 

Issues With Pairing Up Your Remote?

Make sure your remote batteries have life, try changing them to make sure your remote is fully powered. Only one Remote can be paired up with your Amazon Echo.

To check if there could be a different remote paired up go to Settings then Pair Remote within your Alexa App.

Then for 5 seconds press both the Play and Pause button. If the Light Circle on top of your Amazon Echo spins purple then that means there is a different remote paired up. 

Again press the Play/Pause to select which remote you want to pair with.

Don’t Forget Your Shopping Confirmation Code!  

  1. Go to your Alexa App then to settings
  2. Choose Voice Purchasing
  3. Input a new confirmation code and select Save

Issues With Connecting To WiFi

A Quick Note: You can tell you are connected to your WiFi when the ring is the correct color. Let’s quickly Review what the color rings mean for your WiFi

  • Solid White – You are currently connected to WiFi

  • Solid Orange – You are not connected to your WiFi

  • Orange Light Is Blinking – Your Echo is connected to the WiFi, but not the cloud

Try The Following If You Are Still Unable To Connect To WiFi

Try reconnecting to your WiFi network. Make sure to put your network password in (this will not be your Amazon Account password).

If all looks good there then your next step would be to check to see if your internet connection is down, you can also restart your router to rule that out as well.

Do you have your Amazon Echo in a different room than your router? Try moving your Amazon Echo to the same room and see if that fixes your issue.

If None Of These Work, Try The Following

Unplug your Amazon Echo for about three seconds then plug back in

Have you registered your Amazon Echo to your Amazon Account?  If not log into your Amazon Account.

Navigate to Manage Your Content and Devices then choose your devices and look for your Amazon Echo name.

From there if you see the name of your Amazon Echo go ahead and delete it and re-set it up

Bluetooth Connections Giving You The Blue’s?

Let’s Go Over Some Steps To Get These Issues Resolved, So You Can Smile Again 🙂

First things first, let’s make sure your mobile device is at least 30 feet away from your Amazon Echo. From your mobile device turn on your Bluetooth.

In order for this to work your Amazon Echo needs to be paired up with your mobile device. If not then say “Alexa Pair”.

Now from your mobile device go to your Bluetooth settings and find Amazon Echo and choose connect. 

Did these Amazon Echo Troubleshooting steps work for you?  Or…

Still Not Smiling?  

Let’s go to your Alexa App settings. Let’s choose the name of your Amazon Echo then we are going to choose Bluetooth and Remove. This will clear up all your paired up devices.

Now we want to unplug the power cord from the Amazon Echo. When 30 seconds pass were going to want to plug your Amazon Echo back in.

Power off your mobile device then power back on.  Once your mobile device is on we are going to go to settings and turn back on your Bluetooth.

Now say to Alexa “Pair”.  If all goes well then Alexa should respond with “Ready To Pair”.   Now let’s go back to your Bluetooth settings menu and tap on Echo-###.

From there we are going to choose your Amazon Echo name.  Again if all goes well then Alexa should respond with “Connected with Bluetooth”

Now It’s Time To Get Aggressive…  

When all else fails, then a simple reset of your Amazon Echo is in order.  If you ever have had to reset your internet router then you might remember the paper Clip trick.  We will be doing the same thing here with your Amazon Echo.

You will find a little hole at the base of your Amazon Echo, this is where we want to stick the paper clip. When you press the paper clip in to depress the button you want to hold it in until your Amazon Echo has a orange ring on top, and then blue.

After the light ring turns off and on again then turns blue again it will enter the setup mode.

At this point you want to open your Alexa App and connect your mobile device to a WiFi network and register it once again to your Amazon account.

These are all the steps you will need to successfully reset your Amazon Echo. If none of these troubleshooting steps fixes any of your issues, then you might want to consider contacting Amazon for a replacement or for Tech support.

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