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Amazon Echo Updates

The Amazon Echo is hot right now!  And Amazon Echo Updates are rolled out on a regular basis.  So that is what this page is for, to keep you updated as often as possible. 

I do work a full time job so sometimes I find it tough to continually update this site.  But it does get updated!  So it will be worth your while to check out this page to see if anything new has been added.

Hmmmm, What Do I Want To Be This Year For Halloween?

Figuring out what to be for Halloween can be a lot like trying to figure out what you want to wear each day.

If you are racking your brain trying to decide what to be for Halloween then Alexa has some suggestions! All you have to do is ask!

She will guide you through several ghoulish ideas to help spark that imagination that won’t seem to come naturally.

Ask Alexa – “Alexa, What To Be For Halloween

Where Did That Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe Go To?

What sounds better than a batch of nice hot gooey chocolate chip cookies? It’s the perfect time of the year for it as the temps are getting cooler.

Problem is you can’t seem to find that darn recipe! Well you can do one of two things here. You can either sift through your recipe drawers for the next 15 mins trying to locate it yourself, or you can just ask Alexa for some killer Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipes.

Will Alexa’s recipes be as good as Grandmas? That’s a tough one because Grandma’s cookies have that sentimental thing going on.

However that doesn’t mean Alexa doesn’t have her groove going on with her cookies. So now it’s all about convenience if you can’t seem to find Grandma’s famous recipe.

Well Alexa has your back all you need to do is ask!

Ask Alexa – “Alexa, how do you make chocolate chip cookies?”

What’s Going On With My Orders?

A great update that has come to your Amazon Echo is the ability to receive Notifications when your shipments are about to arrive to your home. You will know that you have this particular Notification because your Amazon Echo ring will Pulse Yellow. Now of course you will want to make sure that your Notifications are turned on.

Go to settings on your Alexa App then tap on Notifications, and make sure it is turned on.

When you see the Pulsing Yellow Ring on your Amazon Echo you will then want to ask Alexa. – “Alexa, read my notifications”

I Have All Of These Timers, Would Be Nice If I Knew Which is Which…

Ok so you have lots of different timers in mind that you would like to set with Alexa. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could actually put a name to all of these timers?

Well now you can! Each timer that you have you can have a name for it. So lets say you are baking some Chocolate Chip cookies, and you want to set a timer for them for let’s say 15 minutes.

Then after the 15 minutes is up you can just tell Alexa to “Set a Chocolate Chip Cooke Timer for 15 minutes”. Don’t forget to say your Wake Word first. No buttons to push isn’t that nice?

What Did I have Planned For Today? 

Alexa knows your pain, and she wants to help. Now alexa can remind you what you had planned for the day.

She can also tell you a list of all of your reminders that you might have for the coming weekend.

If you read through the home page of this website, and I know there is a lot of information, but when it comes to the Amazon Echo it all comes down to one thing, and that is convenience!

And this update couldn’t be more convenient. First you will want to set up a reminder, and you don’t need to do anything in your settings to get this set up.

All you have to do is ask Alexa.

Ask Alexa – “Remind me on Saturday to _____________________ (Fill In The Blank)”

Ask Alexa – “What are my reminders this weekend?”

As you can see the first thing you want to do is ask Alexa to set a reminder. There is no right or wrong way to word a reminder.

Just ask Alexa in a natural voice what you want her to remind you, and what time you would like her to remind you, and that’s it, no skill needed.

Is There Flash Briefing For Music?

Want to know what is going on in the music world? Well now Alexa can tell you all the new grooves that are going on with Today in Music.

To get this to work you will want to Add Today in Music to your Flash Briefing.

By doing this you will now have access to the latest music news, and you can even preview new tracks that have been set up by Amazon Music.

To set up Today in Music just ask Alexa – Alexa, enable ‘Today in Music.”

You will want to make sure you have Flash Briefing set up first of course.

Amazon Echo And The Philips Hue Duo…

This is a new skill that allows you to create different moods with different types of lighting in your house.

For example if you would like different hues of lighting that creates a mood of relaxation then you could simply tell Alexa  “turn on Relax in Bedroom”, and this would change the hue’s of your lights to colors that aim to relax the soul. 

The best way to make the most out of your hues is to have the many Hue Apps that are at your disposal.

Now you do need Special Lights to do this.

Enjoying this new skill will of course take some setting up, but don’t worry I have you covered with this great video that will walk you step by step.

Let’s Talk About The All New Harmony Hub…

Ok this is an awesome skill that you are definitely want to get your hands on.  This sweet skill let’s you control pretty much everything except the weather (maybe with the next update).  So what all can you do with this amazing skill? 

These are all voice driven. Yes, you get to speak things into existence. 

Your still not God though so don’t be asking Alexa crazy things like “Alexa… Give me the winning lottery numbers”. 

Yea, no, not going to work.  Let’s take a look at some of the things you can do though.

1. Turn Your TV On and off, or go to your favorite channel

2. Control thousands of devices like your Xbox, Amazon Fire TV

3. Have complete control over your audio systems

Now of course that is only four out of thousands of entertainment devices that you can control.  So what exactly do you need to get all of this going? 

All you need is a Harmony Hub to get this set up.

Your Very Own Alexa Guide

Would you like your very own “Meet Alexa Guide” to help you find even more things to try with Alexa? 

Here you will find all the old and new ways to interact with Alexa that you can shake a stick at.  I think you will enjoy this new update.  Check it out here, it’s FREE!

Voice Control Is Fun!

Voice control is the heart of your Amazon Echo.  

Before the update the music streaming function would have to be accessed through the iPhone or Android phone. 

And you would not be able to activate music streaming unless it was already running from your iPhone or Android phone. 

Now you can use the stop, pause, play and the next command just by speaking to Alexa.

Speeds Have Been Increased!

In the past there were some delays when you would ask Alexa a question. This issue has now been fixed with faster response times when asking a question.

Do You Like Wikipedia?

We all love Wikipedia as it is a bottomless pit of information on whatever you are searching for.  Well the more the better!  And Amazon knows this as well!  In so much as they with the latest update have expanded their coverage of facts with Wikipedia.  Which means more interesting conversations with Alexa.

What Does Simon Say?

What would YOU like Alexa To Say? Errr I Mean Simon?

Have you heard of some of Amazon Echo’s jokes yet?  Amazon Echo is working hard to add many updates.  You have asked for them and Amazon is bringing em!

The latest update is… Simon Says.  This is a really cool update, and allows you to play fun pranks.  If you haven’t watched the video above yet, watch it!  

It even had me going!  What will Amazon come up with next?  Can’t wait to find out!  

Tis The Season For Alexa and Star Wars, And Even Santa!

With the holidays now here Amazon and Star Wars have come together with a nice Christmas Gift.

Amazon Echo’s new software update has brought us answers to a bunch of questions relating to the Star Wars franchise. 

You can ask questions like “What is the best Star Wars Movie?”  You can also have fun with testing your knowledge with a Star Wars trivia.

Well it’s now the 26th of December so maybe a little late for this, but there is always next year! 

With the new Amazon Echo Updates you can now indulge in this nice software update Santa’s little helper. 

Alexa will tell you things like if you are on Santa’s naughty or nice list.  Wondering where Santa might be? 

Alexa will tell you what Santa’s current location is.  How would you like Alexa to read your child a Christmas Story to help them fall asleep?

Just ask Alexa and she will do just that with the new Amazon Echo Updates currently available.  


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  1. Hello I hope you can help me. I have the Echo dot I have the Alexa App I have good wi-fi Ihave a Samsung Galaxy 8 t-mobile phone. The spam filter has been remove and do not disturb from the phone The do not disturb on the Alexa App is also OFF When asking for the code to verify the mobile phone it doesn’t come back in a text When ask to resend it still does not come back. I have no trouble sending or receiving TEXT

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