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Sunday April 17th, 2016

You Can Stream Music On Your T-Mobile Device But There Is BAD NEWS!

The Good
Here is the good news. If you are a T-Mobile mobile phone user.  T-Mobile has a nice feature called T-Mobile’s Music Freedom Program, which allows you to stream all the music you want from supported streaming music services without the fear of outrageous data overages.  And now Amazon Music has been added to the list of supported services.  

The Bad
And The bad news.  If you do not want to use data when you stream music you will have to use a particular app from T-Mobile without the use of a HotSpot or Tethering.  Bummer for Dot or Tap, because the only way to enjoy your Amazon Music with playback commands from Alexa when you don’t’ have a WiFi connection is to connect to a Hotspot or Tethering.  Unfortunately with T-Mobile this is not going to work.

And The Beautiful
Not all is lost though as you can still connect via Bluetooth.  All you need to do is install the Amazon Music app to your phone, then pair up your phone to the Tap or Dot to your Bluetooth,  Where there is a will there is a way.

Hot Tip!
If you are looking for bigger sound then go with the Amazon Tap

Friday November 27, 2015
Here is a nice little of new Echo News on how IFTTT works and what you can do with it.  You will also find a link at the bottom that will take you to a very helpful website with tons of IFTTT recipes.  The video below will walk you through on how to install the IFTTT app to your smartphone and how to use it to even create your own recipes!

Still Not Sure How The Heck You Set Up IFTTT?  This Video Will Walk You Through It!

The Amazon Echo Just Got Smarter!
The Amazon Echo is now a bit more sophisticated.  IFTTT has been Alexa’s new friend as of late, and they have decided to pair up once again!  If you do not know yet IFTTT stands for “If This, Then That”.  Here are some new things that the Alexa can do with her friend IFTTT:

The Garage Door Isn’t The Only Thing You Can Operate When Pulling Up To The Driveway
Do you have an electric garage door?  It’s pretty convenient when you can open your garage door with your handy remote control as you are driving towards your house right?  Well now with the Amazon Echo you can turn on your light’s via your smartphone while driving up to your house.

A New Way Of Knowing The Weather
You are at work and you look out your office window, and you notice a few dark clouds.  Your not sure if it’s going to rain.  There aren’t enough clouds yet to determine this.  You then receive a text from Alexa letting you know that a storm is on the way and for sure by the time you get off work there will be a downpour.  Good thing you keep your umbrella with you just in case.  You heard it right.  Because IFTTT and Alexa are friends she will text you when the weather is about to turn for the worst!  Pretty nifty huh?

Did You Loose Your Phone AGAIN?
Good thing Alexa is a patient woman.  A new IFTTT update will allow you to ask Alexa where that darn phone went again.  And she will tell you where it is.  As stated above Alexa is patient and will tell you each time where your phone went, and will not get mad at you or scold you for being so irresponsible.  Let’s just hope Alexa doesn’t tell you “Your Phone Is Currently At the Bottom Of Your Toilet”.  Yea that wouldn’t be good.

There Are Ton Of IFTTT Recipes, But Where Can You Find Them?
Good thing I have you covered!  Find all your IFTTT recipe’s Here!

Tuesday August 4, 2015
Today’s Echo News:

For those who want to incorporate the Alexa Voice Service into your devices, you can now do that. What this means for you is the ability to speak with third party apps and devices is at hand.  With the Alexa’s API’s which are now available to developers. It is pretty much still in beta so to speak, as this will help third party companies to accommodate Alexa into their software.  Amazon is doing this piece by piece to make sure that it all goes smoothly.  New Skill Sets are also in development for the use by third party companies.  This will allow developers to add more voice commands.

The Alexa Cloud Based voice recognition is the brains behind the Amazon Echo Speaker. Remember Alexa is the female voice you hear when you give her a command.

Right now Amazon Echo uses lots of IFTTT recipes (Not-Food Related) with the Echo.  Learn more about what IFTTT is, or watch the video below that better explains exactly what IFTTT Recipes are and what they do for you. Right now this is how Alexa gets her knowledge, but with the process of opening it’s APIs to third party companies, they will be able to expand and surpass even Google’s Now, Microsoft’s Cortana and the Apple Siri.

What Is IFTTT Exactly?

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