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Amazon Echo Grocery List

Amazon Echo Grocery List Logo With Different Sayings To Alexa

Putting Together Your Alexa Shopping List

I have two different tutorials on how to execute your Amazon Echo Grocery List. First up is a video.

I know there are those that like to SEE how to do something rather than reading about it.  I feel the video below will be the most helpful for the majority of you out there.

The second part is going to be instructions on how to make a shopping list with your Amazon Echo using your voice.

These instructions really go hand in hand with the video. Because in the video you will ultimately be taught to tell Alexa what you want to put on your grocery list.

Just A Reminder The Voice Remote You See In The Video Is Sold Separately

A Quick Note: In your Alexa app you can view up to 100 items on each list you put together. If you have a computer you can also print these lists. You can view your list on your Alexa App.

How To Make A Alexa Shopping List With Your Voice

A Logo Showing An Amazon Echo Grocery List

If you want to know how to make a shopping list the following steps will get you up, and running in no time.

There are two ways you can manage your lists, you can either give a Voice Command or you can manage your lists in the Alexa App. 

Let’s first take a look at all the Voice Commands.

Voice Commands To Use

Open List – Say These Commands

Add An Item To The List

Edit An Item On The List

Remove An Item From The List

Mark An Item As Complete

Print A List

Make A Alexa Shopping List Manually

First Up Is To Open A List

Within your Alexa app, in the left navigation panel select Shopping List or To Do List or you can also access and open a shopping list within the Amazon website.

Once you log into the Amazon Website you would just select Alexa Shopping list from the homepage.

Quick Note: If you don’t have an internet connection you can still view your Shopping and To Do lists via your Alexa app on your mobile device.

Add An Item To A List:

From your Alexa App choose Shopping List or To Do list on the left hand side.  You will see a text field, go ahead and type the item you want to add then select the plus sign to add it. 

From the Amazon Website once you are logged in just type the item and then click on Add to Shopping list.

Edit An Item On A List:

From your Alexa App choose an item on the list,  then just type whatever you want to replace it with. 

Make sure to select save so your changes take effect.

From the Amazon Website, you will want to hover over the item in the list.  Then just select edit and type what you want to replace it with. 

Again make sure to click on Save.

Remove An Item From A List:

From your Alexa App choose the arrow that is facing downward next to the item you want to delete.  Now just select the item you want to delete and click delete.  You also have the option to check the boxes of the items you want to delete.  If you have multiple boxes checked then you will have the option to delete all.

From the Amazon Website you will see check boxes that you can singly check or check multiple boxes and delete all.  Pretty much the same process as it is in your Alexa App

Mark An Item As Complete:

In your Alexa App put a check mark next to a item that is completed.  You can also after you have saved your completed items list view them by selecting View Completed.

For the Amazon Website the process is exactly the same.

How To Print A Alexa Shopping List

Within your Alexa App select Print.  This printing option can only be used with the Alexa Application on your computer.

If you are already in the Amazon Website to print your Grocery List then you can just use the print option in your browser.

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