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Marijuana Skills
Marijuana Skills… Really? Is he really making this a category? The short answer is YES I am. The cat is out of the bag, and the years of Reefer Madness is over. Why? Because Marijuana is not the evil weed the old timers said it was. As of this date Marijuana is legal in 25 states either medically or recreationally. So hence Marijuana Skills have made it to the Alexa!

Weed Strains

How many weed strains are there? The number is in the staggering thousands. And each strain has their own affects.

This skill offers vast information like how a certain strain tastes. This skill will tell you how certain strains effects you weather it has positive effects or negative effects like anxiety or paranoia. Not all strains have negative effects!

Do you have medical conditions? This skill will be helpful in finding the right strain for whatever ailment you are suffering from. The list of ailments that certain Marijuana strains help with are staggering. And without the side effects that modern medicine can bring you.

Oh My!  My Depression Has Melted Away With The Diablo Strain!

“Alexa, ask weed strains about purple haze”

“Alexa, open weed strains and tell me about purple goat”

“Search OG kush”


Enable Weed Strain

Weed Facts

Marijuana is much deeper than just being a weed. It has many different properties, and makeups that are quite complex. This skill will give you basic facts which won’t go to deep, but should satisfy your educational hunger, and make you the wiser on this wonderful plant!

Your Kidding!  I Always Thought Weed Made You Crazy!

“Alexa, open Marijuana Facts”

“Alexa, launch Marijuana Facts”

“Alexa, ask Marijuana Facts”


Enable Weed Facts

Marijuana Benefits

Marijuana according to Federal law is a schedule 1 drug. Meaning it has no medical benefits, is addictive, and is as dangerous as Heroin. Anybody with half of a brain knows that this is absolutely not true!

When has anybody ever died from consuming Marijuana? Never Ever! How many people have died consuming Heroin. To many to count! How many people do you see in rehab solely for consuming marijuana because it’s so addictive. Again, nada! zilch!

Now… Off the record how many people have benefited from the healing aspects of this wonderful plant? To many to count! Why off the record? Because Marijuana is still a schedule 1 drug which means the FDA will not allow Marijuana to be officially studied to confirm its medical benefits. They simply do no want the truth to get out.

Thankfully we have had many states legalize Marijuana for medical purposes. The medical benefits of Marijuana are vast. And this is where this skill comes into play. This skill will go over many benefits that Marijuana has to offer for those who are in pain.

Does Marijuana Really Have Any Medical Benefits?

“Alexa, open medical benefits of marijuana”

“Alexa, launch medical benefits of marijuana”

“Alexa, start medical benefits of marijuana”


Enable Marijuana Benefits 

Pot Quiz

Think you know your weed? Here is your chance to prove it with this skill. There really isn’t much to said about this skill as it’s self explanatory. Take the quiz and see how high you can score based on your knowledge of Mrs. Mary Jane.

What Are The Differences Between Indica, Sativa, and Hybrids?

“Alexa, open pot quiz”

“start over”


Enable Pot Quiz

CBD Facts

CBD is the healing agent in Marijuana. Non like it’s counterpart THC which is what get’s you stoned, CBD does not. So what exactly is CBD? Do we know any facts about this Marijuana component? Yes! The benefits of CBD are well known, and there a lot of great facts about this! Enable this skill today to find out exactly what CBD is, and what it can do for you!

Wow!  I Feel Nice, and Calm Without The High!

“Alexa, open c. b. d. facts”

“Alexa, start c. b. d. facts”

“Alexa, launch c. b. d. facts”

Enable CBD Facts